Membership of Linlithgow Arts Guild can be purchased via PayPal.


Payments can be made by credit or debit card via PayPal; the cost is £10 per person.


The options below provide for payment of Subscription, or a Subscription plus a small donation for one person. Larger donations can be made using this separate Donations link after buying the Membership Subscription. If you are able to offer Gift Aid we would be grateful if you could also select the Gift Aid on Donations option from the Menu, as both the £10 Membership Subscription and any donations are eligible for this.



Subscription Types




Membership includes: Priority booking for concerts
  Priority access to our Garden Party and to member-only events
  Funds to cover admin costs
  Support for Linlithgow Arts Guild


We would normally also offer an annual season ticket, inclusive of membership, but regret that we are not able to do so for the 20/21 season because of the uncertainties of the difficulties of forward planning in the present situation.